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Lorraine Laplace, Wedding Coordinator

Congratulations !!!! You've decided to have a Simple Island Wedding ceremony at a Caribbean beach in the gorgeous U. S. Virgin Islands. Our goal at Simple Island Weddings is to keep your wedding day simple, fun, and stress-free. We feel enormously honored to be a part of your wedding, and look forward to making your special day an intimate experience designed to meet your personal needs.

Imagine being barefoot on a white sandy beach, with a backdrop of an emerald green isle, while the waves of the turquoise Caribbean Sea serenade your every step, and a sapphire blue sky glistens from above. Feel the gentle breeze of the trade winds, and engulf yourself in the fragrant smells of tropical flowers, as you seal your commitment of love, respect and honor with a tender kiss.

Your tropical beach wedding can be as formal or "toes in the sand" casual as you like. We are happy to help you plan your perfect simple island wedding, so your dreams can become reality. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Simple Island Weddings can arrange transportation to and from your St. Thomas wedding location.
  • We can arrange to have the memories of your Virgin Islands wedding captured by a professional photographer or videographer.
  • We can arrange to have your choice of island music, steel pan, guitar, or violin to enhance your perfect St. Thomas wedding day.
  • Simple Island Weddings can arrange a floral bouquet and boutonniere.
  • As a finishing touch, we can arrange a champagne toast with crystal flutes and a locally-baked Virgin Islands wedding cake.

Simple, Fun & Stress Free!!

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